For my interview, I will be asking questions to an intern with bay news 9. This is a local tampa bay news station that covers local sports at the proffesional and amatuer level. My lead will be something along the lines of saying that people who listen to the interview will be able to understand how the beginning of the career of a sports reporter will go. I feel like my hook will be created based off of the response to one of my questions. I have ten possible interview questions so far.

1) What led to your internship with bay news 9?

2) What other options did you have, any at all?

3) What did you consider when deciding if this was the place for you?

4) What drew you to reporting the news?

5) Do you want to report on sports specifically?

6) What is your favorite thing about sportswriting?

7) What other aspects of journalism interest you?

8) What challenges will this present?

9) What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing?

10) What are you looking forward to most?

1 thought on “Interview

  1. dominickaiello6836 February 5, 2019 — 10:08 pm

    I think that its great that you get to interview somebody that is interning with a local sports news channel. I think that this will be great to find out the inside scoop of the process of what somebody on the news does, and their daily routine.


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