When I try to narrow down my ideas for who I could interview, I have a tough time. There are so many different and interesting people in the city of tampa. The amount of people that could give different perspectives on the same question I might give them is more then one could count. The best candidates for who to interview are the people that would have the highest likelihood of giving an answer that is insightful and interesting while holding enough credibility to speak on these things. As a student at HCC who is concerned with the well being of the school and it’s reputation, interviewing one of the other students about their experience is something I think about as a possible route. Another possibile person to interview is someone who might have already graduated, because their responses can help myself along with other people trying to accomplish the same goals as myself.

1 thought on “INTERVIEW

  1. dominickaiello6836 January 30, 2019 — 12:34 am

    I think that its cool that you are possibly interviewing another student. I think that every student is going through a lot of different things, and everybody’s situation is different. I think that there are a wide number of possibilities that you can write about and interview about.


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