My Introduction

Hello, my name is Philip Meister , and I live in Tampa, Florida. I am twenty years old and have begun a blog in order to reach people that have the same interests as me. My intentions will be to create posts that are relevant to noteworthy things and stories that have recently came about. I am currently enrolled as a student at Hillsborough CC, and plan on returning to the University of Tampa next semester. I am studying and have studied in the past in the business and journalism fields. While I am still deciding which one of these fields I will spend the most of my time on, I am going to be actively working to create interesting blog posts. I believe that most of my updates will revolve around the sports world, particularly teams playing in the state of Wisconsin. My posts will be informative, and will present my personal opinions on the topic at hand.

1 thought on “My Introduction

  1. dominickaiello6836 January 21, 2019 — 6:34 pm

    Hey Phil,
    I think its cool that you are interested in the world of Wisconsin sports! I am from Wisconsin and have a dying passion for anything to do with Wisconsin sports. I hope I get the chance to be able to read some of your blog posts about Wisconsin sports, just to see if we have similar or different ideas going on with the sports teams up North! Looking forward to your posts.

    Thanks, Dom


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